Ice cream and IQ – the more the better

The Economist magazine published an article titled “Ice cream and IQ” in which it reported “Ice cream consumption, it seems, has a strong relationship with reading ability, based on the OECD’s PISA educational performance scores.”


“There are, of course, outliers. Suitably Chile (by name and nature) eats a large amount of ice cream, yet that has had a mysteriously small effect on literacy. In well-off Asian countries, by contrast, children are book-rich but ice-cream poor. Such findings have tasty policy implications for parents and politicians alike. Though it may seem like an odd suggestion on a brisk early-April morning, year-round subsidised ice-cream for children could improve educational attainment. And ice-cream vans should park closer to libraries to help boost reading skills too. What a scoop.”

Read the full article on The Economist here.