IDC reports show tablet sales continuing to fall

“The tablet market shrunk worldwide, according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, something that would have been big news a couple of years ago, but today produces only a yawn. Yep, tablets are dead.

Well, kind of. Amazon’s sales are growing, as it pursues a low price strategy.

TabletSalesw-IDC-Q1-16“For Amazon, the low price is part of a strategy that CEO Jeff Bezos has referred to as “the Amazon Doctrine.” In a nutshell, Amazon cares less about tablets as end products and more as direct commerce channels for users to buy products from Amazon,” ZDNet said in their report yesterday.

“But the Amazon news was not at all surprising, for two reasons,” Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader said today.

“Amazon’s most-promoted and cheapest tablet last quarter cost half as much as the Amazon’s most-popular tablet from the same period last year. That is obviously going to boost sales, but more importantly IDC wasn’t counting Amazon’s best selling tablet last year – not as a tablet, anyway.” Hoffelder said.

The AAP released its eBook sales report recently, which once again said that eBook sales were down. That report is a bit controversial because it takes its data from the large book publishers and so really is only a snapshot at their sales. Many think the eBook market, while maybe not booming right now, is not declining when sales from all channels such as Amazon and self-publishers are considered.

But with tablets, forgetting for a minute whether one product is included in the report or not, the picture does indeed seem to show a declining market. Why? Is this the effect of smartphones becoming more powerful, larger? Yes, very likely. But I would argue on other thing: where tablets are best, outside of reading, the market is small.”

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