New forum for knitters


A friend of mine has started a new forum for knitters, experienced or beginning knitters.

Her name is Vickie and she has been operating her own knitting web site called Simple Knitting for over five years now. Her Simple Knitting web site is mainly for beginning knitters, although experienced knitters also have enjoyed her articles.

Vickie decided to create a forum so beginning knitters and knitters with experience can connect and share their love of knitting. Her forum is called Knitters Digest.

Her Knitters Digest forum is in beta testing at the moment, and is open for membership while testing. Below are links to her Knitters Digest forum and her Simple Knitting web site. Please drop by and help build the forum membership. It’s free to join.

Link to Vickie’s Knitters Digest forum: Knitters Digest.

Link to Vickie’s Simple Knitting web site: Simple Knitting.