Amazon deletes my picture ebooks for children

Amazon notified me today they removed my picture ebooks for children. My picture ebooks for children all contained coloring book type images of characters or scenes at the end of the ebook which could be printed out. I felt this was a chance for a child to practice coloring. Amazon obviously disagrees as it bans coloring ebooks too.

Amazon has pretty much eliminated my ebooks for Kindle devices as most of my ebooks on Amazon are picture ebooks for children and puzzle ebooks. No prior notification from Amazon,just this notice indicating permanent removal of ebooks.

Amazon provided a link to their author support email system in case I wanted to question their decision.

There are two things I can do. One, use Amazon CreateSpace to create a POD book of each deleted title and suffer the indignity of next to zero sales popular with POD sales on Amazon and its affiliates. Or, two, I can ask Amazon to allow republish of my works minus the pages of coloring book images at the end of an ebook for children.

It’s too bad Amazon makes it hard for readers to have access to inexpensive ebooks for children.

Any Kindle owner can simply download the ebook from Smashwords or any other retailer to their desktop/laptop. Then use Calibre to convert the file to PDF for easy printing.

Or download the PDF version of any of my ebooks here.

Here is a small part of the notification from Amazon:

... content such as coloring books, puzzles, or apps are not allowed. 
As a result, the following books have been removed permanently 
from sale on Amazon.

*Title Name Bubble Trouble 
*Title Name If I Had A Car 
*Title Name A Christmas Tree For Santa 
*Title Name Doug's Big Idea
*Title Name Icky Foods Make Me Sick 
*Title Name If I Had A Tattoo 
*Title Name Nestor Nose Falls Asleep 
*Title Name Thelma and Ziggy 

2 thoughts on “Amazon deletes my picture ebooks for children

  1. No kidding! I’ll have to remove the coloring pages, change title to reflect Kindle Edition, place a large notice on cover that this is not an interactive ebook, and wait to see what Amazon decides is acceptable. But acceptable to Amazon is always changing.

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