Why I’m glad I’m not with Telus

Telus Grump

Telus Grump

I’m certainly glad I’m not with Telus after listening to the myriad of problems a friend of mine had with Telus.

My friend has been with Telus for 42 years. Most companies would look upon my friend as a trusted customer and provide the support such loyalty would expect.

The problem began when a Telus salesperson phoned my friend a few weeks back. While speaking with the Telus salesperson it was mentioned my friend was not pleased with the Telus bill and would appreciate it if Telus would reduce it a little for having been such a long-time subscriber. My friend was advised two music channels would be removed and the bill would be reduced.

Well, later that night my friend noticed the AMC, Silverscreen channels were no longer available, even though my friend had been paying for them prior to Telus calling.

Several infuriatingly long waits for help from Telus resulted in my friend leaving the issue alone for a couple of days to could consider whether or not to remain a loyal Telus customer.

My friend decided to give Telus another chance to return the cable tv subscriptions to the format prior to the Telus salesperson calling.

The first online Chat with Telus did not resolve problem and in fact the Chat person suggested a phone number for Telus Loyalty and Retention which did not exist.

My friend was not happy.

The second Chat with Telus resulted in the Telus person assuring my friend the AMC and Silverscreen channels would be returned and there would be no change in the Telus bill.

Well, guess what. The AMC and Silverscreen channels were returned about ½ hour later. Unfortunately the whole subscription program had been changed.

Today my friend gets the Telus bill and finds it has increased, despite the assurance from Chat that no increase in the bill would occur.

My friend has been very patient with Telus, and yet the actions lately of Telus have my friend seriously considering switching to Shaw.

I’m with Shaw. I’ve had a few problems with Shaw in the 50 years I’ve been with them, but nothing like those my friend has had with Telus. If it was me dealing with Telus I certainly wouldn’t be so patient or so polite. I’d be fuming.

When my friend tried to contact Telus today using the Chat system there were 86 other people before her. 86 people online with Telus about some problem suggests there is a big problem. Who knows how many were on the phone or awaiting a callback from Telus. Granted today was the day Telus sent out statements.

So maybe the problem is Telus billing. Telus billing was certainly part of the problem my friend had. Part, but not all.

Like I wrote at the beginning, I’m sure glad I’m not with Telus. Canada needs more competition, proper competition, in the telecommunications industry.