4,000 manufacturing jobs lost while Trump president-elect Tours

Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day said recently that America lost 4,000 manufacturing jobs in November. Where the heck was President-elect Donald Trump? Was he working hard to save those jobs like he did to save some of the jobs at Carrier?

No. President-elect Donald Trump was travelling around the country congratulating himself on his win with what he calls his “Victory Tour”. After all he did get his much needed exposure with the Carrier deal, which saved 1,000 jobs but also sent more than 1,000 jobs to Mexico.

Trump deal had saved 1,000 Carrier jobs, but at the same time sent more than 1,000 Carrier jobs to Mexico and Trump hailed that deal a victory. Some victory.

Meanwhile, during Trump’s come-and-see-how-great-I-am Victory Tour the country lost 4,000 manufacturing jobs and Trump didn’t even try to save one.

I guess if your job is lost during something important like a Victory Tour or having his hair plasticized then you really don’t count on President-elect Donald Trump’s horizon.

President-elect Trump, please stop congratulating yourself and looking for applause and save jobs as you promised. Or is your saving jobs promise just as phony as your “Lock Her Up” promise.