Trump won’t increase tariffs on this import


One type of import Donald Trump won’t be raising tariffs on is clothing. And probably cosmetics. And more than lilkely all other import items sold or used by the Trumps. After all, the Trumps have businesses to run and can’t afford to allow some silly import law to restrict their profits. See this post for more information on Trump’s offshore imports.

Autos and auto parts, electronics, large and small appliances are some items which will likely face higher tariffs if Donald Trump keeps his word on raising tariffs to make America great again. Oh, and food imports will probably rise if Donald keeps his word.

And the nails used to build your home, and the nails you use after your home is built, will likely rise because they are steel and we all know what Trump said about steel from China.

I’m willing to bet Donald Trump will consider raising tariffs on any class of items not sold by his family. He is a businessman, and was elected because he was a businessman and knew how the system worked.

So everyone can relax their fear about that $4.00 t-shirt at WalMart suddenly jumping to $6.00 or more. You can bet that tariffs won’t rise on a class of goods if the Donald sells it.

Unless he and his family don’t care about import tariffs hurting the wallets of their potential customers. The Trumps are selling an image, selling a brand name, so they may not care what  the end product costs as people will probably buy the Trump brand or image anyway. Donald Trump and his family are famous and he is the President, and that should be enough to persuade purchasers.