Donald Trump is America’s Flashman

Donald J. Trump aka Flashman Trump

Donald J. Trump aka Flashman Trump

I find a definite similarity between Donald Trump and Harry Paget Flashman after reviewing Donald Trump’s tweets and comments these past many months.

Harry Paget Flashman, known simply as Flashman, is based upon a minor character called Flashman in ‘Tom Brown’s School Days’ fictional novel by Thomas Hughes. The author, Thomas Hughes, portrayed him as a bully who roasted small boys over open fires but ran away snivelling from anyone bigger than him.

Over the course of 12 books Flashman bullied underlings, betrayed friends, cheated on his wife Elspeth and stabbed in the back anyone who blocked his escape route. Hughes described Flashman as “a scoundrel, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a coward—and, oh yes, a toady.”

The question then becomes, Is Donald Trump America’s Flashman? I’ll look for the answer to that by seeing if Donald Trump is a bully, a liar, a cheat, a thief, and lastly a coward.

Flashman was a bully. Does Donald Trump display characteristics of a bully?

Donald Trump is a bully, according to the Times magzine article titled “Meet the Men Who Taught Donald Trump How to Bully.

The USA magazine questioned whether Donald Trump is a textbook bully in their article titled “Donald Trump not a textbook bully, psychologists say“.

The New York Times posted an article titled “Fearing Trump, Bar Association Stifles Report Calling Him a ‘Libel Bully’“.

Newsweek wrote an article titled “Donald Trump: The Body Language of a Bully“.

Pyschology Today posted a two-part article titled “Trump, Bullying, and Narcissism“, and “Trump, Bullying, and Narcissistic Culture“.

Reading those articles confirmed my belief Donald Trump is a bully and likely a narcissist.  Is Donald Trump a liar as well?

Trump and Flashman are both liars. As for listing articles on the massive amount of lies told by Donald Trump during and after the election would take several thousand more lines just to start. Here are two. If you want more articles just search on ‘trump’ and ‘lies’.

Donald Trump’s File by Politifact.

Donald Trump: The unauthorized database of false things by The Star’s Washington Bureau Chief, Daniel Dale.

Okay, so Donald Trump is a liar and a bully according to those articles mentioned. And likely a narcissist. But there has to be more to Donald Trump than being a bully and a liar.

Flashman certainly was a cheat. Is Donald Trump a cheat too?

From cheating on his wife to cheating at golf Donald Trump has earned a reputation for being a cheat. The Atlantic magazine wrote an article titled “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet“.

A funny video of Samuel Jackson telling a story about Donald Trump cheating at golf:

After reading all the above articles I’m convinced Donald Trump is a liar, a cheat, a bully quite possible a narcissist, and with those qualities he qualifies as America’s Flashman.

But is Donald Trump a coward?

The Washington Post wrote this article titled: “Behind all the antics, Donald Trump is a coward“.

Personally I feel anyone running for political office who doesn’t disclose their tax returns is a coward. I also believe anyone running for President of the United States should have some military experience as that would likely increase their resolve for peaceful ways of resolving issues. I say that because I’ve known a few soldiers and every one of them prefers peace over war. Donald Trump avoided the military.

Up to this point I know Donald Trump is a liar, a bully, a coward, quite possibly narcissistic, but is he a thief.

Salon wrote an article titled “Donald Trump is a thief: Trump University documents reveal a strictly regimented scam operation“.

National Review wrote an article titled “Donald Trump and Eminent Domain” in which is written “The man has a track record of using the government as a hired thug to take other people’s property.” Now Donald Trump is the government.

Donald Trump is also possibly the only person in the world who could bankrupt a casino and steal from the American people by paying no taxes for 15 years or so.

Donald Trump will soon be the President of the United States and as such representing all Americans. Is there anything else which can be said of Donald Trump?

Bill Maher December 19, 2016 interview on Trump: