U.S. House and Senate Bills and Resolutions web site.

U.S. Capitol. West Side. Wikimedia.

U.S. Capitol. West Side. Wikimedia.

Ever wonder what the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate are actually doing in the way of writing or passing Bills or Resolutions? Politicians can be a tricky bunch. They’ll distract you with a wave of their right hand while their left hand is lifting your wallet. With Mr. Trump attracting so much attention the actual work of the government is sometimes not as prominent as it should be.

Here are two links for readers interested in keeping track of what your representatives are doing in Washington, or attempting to do. The site is called GovTrack and here is the link to GovTrack’s House and Senate Bills and Resolutions.

I have to confess that more than a few of the Bills and Resolutions make for a dry read. Which probably explains why more than one politician has been caught on camera napping, or absent during the reading.

If you want to know what your government is up to, there’s no place better than checking out where they work and seeing for yourself what they are doing with your tax dollars. When you see something you don’t like or have a question about, call or email or write your representative and try to get an answer.

Here’s one Bill for example.


To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to provide for requirements relating to documentation for major acquisition programs, and for other purposes.”

That seems pretty dry until you scroll down and find,

Major acquisition program defined

In this section, the term major acquisition program means a Department acquisition program that is estimated by the Secretary to require an eventual total expenditure of at least $300,000,000 (based on fiscal year 2017 constant dollars) over its lifecycle cost.

300 Million Dollars? Yikes. That’s for each Department acquisition program. How many programs are there? 20? 50? Heck even 10 programs would mean at least 3 Billion Dollars. A penny here and a penny there and pretty soon we’re talking real money. Here’s the link to his Bill.