One Tin Soldier music video

Listening to more music of late and came across ‘One Tin Soldier’ by The Original Caste.

According to the web site Subversify;

“The lyrics never explained whether the Mountain People were being elitist in their wanting to share their treasure only with “brothers” instead of the entire land.  Were the Mountain People acting just as greedily as the Valley People by insisting the treasure was theirs?  At the time, we were living in the age of peace loving hippies and aggressive Kent State National Guardsman, and so we assumed that the pure Mountain People must have been exploited by the modernistic Valley People.  The lesson seemed to make sense; more importantly, it seemed to satisfy 1970s audiences who read their own problems into this simple song, which could have very well remained timeless and abstract.

Religious references do abound in the song, from the denunciation of religious leaders claiming to be heaven-inspired, to the “judgment day” coming in which presumably God judges those who are blood guilty for their deeds, not their side.  This led many to believe that the song may represent more than just governmental abuses of power; perhaps it was a reference to the power that all organized religion had over the masses.”