The Fastest Ship World Has Ever Seen

The fastest ship the world has ever seen is built by Australian shipyard Incat.

The Francisco, which can travel up to 58 knots or 67 miles per hour (107 kilometres per hour), is described as a “high-speed dual-fuel vehicle and passenger ferry,” and is powered by two modified jet engines driving a pair of water jets.

“This is certainly the fastest ship in the world,” Kim Clifford, Incat managing director, said in a statement. “Of course there’s a few speed boats that could surpass 58 knots, but nothing that could carry 1,000 passengers and 150 cars, and with an enormous duty-free shop on board.”

The Francisco is the world’s first high-speed ferry that uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as primary fuel. (It uses marine-grade oil only to start the engines, and as backup fuel.) An Incat announcement says that the ship is the “fastest, environmentally cleanest, and most efficient high-speed ferry in the world.”

LNG will power two GE aeroderivative gas turbines from the company’s ecomagination portfolio that have modified Boeing 747 aircraft engines at their core. Each of the turbines, which produce a combined 59,000 horse power, will turn a gearbox with a 7-to-1 reduction that drives an impeller generating a waterjet.