Buy Direct From Ted

PDF is perfect for my puzzle magazines and my ebooks for children as PDF makes it easy to print one or all of the pages, and for printing out the black and white images in the back of each picture ebook for children.

Readers who wish to purchase a PDF of one of my ebooks directly from me may now do so through Gumroad.

Why buy direct through Gumroad? Your ebook is personalized with your name, contains no DRM, uses HTTPS like your bank or credit union for safe and secure transactions, they don’t store your credit card information and so your privacy is protected, and earns me a couple of extra pennies because fees are lower than PayPal and Smashwords.

I chose Gumroad rather than PayPal because I saw a number of artists and non-profits using Gumroad. Here are some of the non-profits and artists using Gumroad for their online transactions: Coldplay, Eminem, Nathan Barry, Krissy Mae Cagney, UI Parade, Hot Rum Cow, and Kyle T Webster. Some of the charitable organizations using Gumroad are: Adam Lambert’s “We Are Family Foundation”, Hurricane Sandy Relief, and the Boston Marathon Charity Wallpaper.

It takes a few seconds to load the Gumroad site as there is close to 40 covers to render. I’ve found scrolling down to bottom of page seems to help speed up the process.

You may purchase any of my ebooks in PDF form directly from me on Gumroad here.

Special Gumroad puzzle collection information.

Only on Gumroad can you get a spectacular collection of 7 sudoku puzzle PDF ebooks containing 841 puzzles, all in one downloadable zip file. The regular value of these ebooks is $12.93, but this super collection can be yours for just $4.99. Get your personalized edition of this huge collection of sudoku puzzles here.

This special edition contains alphabet sudoku, symbol sudoku, and star sudoku puzzles, each of the 7 ebooks in their own individual ebook PDF format. All are large format puzzles which you can easily print out and solve then check your answers against the solutions in the PDF file.

Enjoy. Ted.