Ebooks for PC’s & Mac’s

When I had more hair.

NOTE: Apple recently requested removal of my sudoku, code word, crossword, and word search puzzle ebooks as they were not interactive. They were printable if an Apple user knew how to print them out. PDF’s of all my ebooks are available directly from me through my Gumroad page.


1) Can I read your ebooks on my laptop or desktop? Yes. Download the PDF version of any of my ebooks from here, or use any of the free  PC/Mac apps available from your favorite ebook retailer.

Firefox browser has a plugin for reading ebooks in epub format. 

2) What ereaders can I use to read your ebooks? Just about any, including Apple devices, Kindle, Blackberry, etc.

3) Are your ebooks DRM protected? No. All my ebooks are free of any DRM system when I post them to Smashwords and Gumroad. Some retailers may include DRM at their site.

4) Can I print your ebooks? Yes, you may print all my ebooks. Printing my ebooks is best using the PDF version. A complete list of all my ebooks available in PDF format is available here. All my picture children’s ebooks with large, black and white pictures at the end for coloring by children are available also in PDF.

5)  How do I convert one of your ebooks to PDF for better printing? Please read my article on converting my ebooks for printing, located here.