Puzzle Magazines & eBooks

My puzzle magazines are available in mobi format on Smashwords, in epub format at various online retailers like Barnes and Noble, and in PDF format which you can buy direct from me. Few, if any, of my puzzle ebooks are available on Amazon. Recently Apple requested I remove my sudoku, word search, and code word puzzles as they were not interactive.

In November, 2012, Amazon notified me they had removed 5 puzzle ebooks. I had the temerity to suggest Kindle owners print out the puzzles if their particular Kindle device wouldn’t allow drawing/typing over images in an ebook. Amazon suggested I make the 5 removed puzzle ebooks playable as apps on Kindle devices. I don’t see why Kindle owners should be restricted to one choice (an app) instead of two (app or printable). It is simple enough to print out ebooks on many Kindles, as how-to instructions are available on most Kindle user forums or community sites.

PDF ebooks are available directly from me on my Gumroad site.

Most of my puzzle ebooks are $0.99. A few are $1.99. You will certainly Maintain Your Brain with my puzzles.

All my puzzle ebooks are also available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other online retailers, which you may easily reach by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink in the main menu above.