Smashwords Forum Information

If you are an author using Smashwords as your ebook distributor, or if you are thinking of publishing an ebook, then you should join all the other authors on the Smashwords Forum.

Membership in the Smashwords Forum is free. On the forum you may post a brief description of your ebooks (including a cover picture), links to your ebooks, questions or comments about Marketing, Editing, Conversion, Suggestions for Smashwords, or start/reply on some other topic in the General Discussion forum.

The Smashwords Forum was completely upgraded in January, 2013, making it even easier to promote an ebook through our forum – one of many enhancements.

Click here to visit the home of Smashwords Forum. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s friendly.

NOTE: The Smashwords Forum has changed its viewing policy to match limited access of site like those of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites – free registration required to access all content on the Smashwords Forum.