Now you can rent a mourner for when you die


Everyone knows how Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are used mainly to boost the ego of the participants, and many of those participants probably have their obit already planned for posting when they die, but why settle for an artificial ego boost like social media when you can hire actual humans to be your eternal rest boosters?

Ian Robertson, founder of Rent-a-Mourner — I’m not making this up — told London’s Daily Telegraph that his Essex, England company charges 45 pounds (about $70) an hour per black-clad-guest. There’s no requirement to blub, as the Brits say, but this is the telling bit: the faux friends are expected to bone up on the history of the corpse and be able to talk to real friends and relatives as if they had known the dearly departed.

It’s the ideal tribute to the sort of people who, in life, bought Twitter followers, posted their photos on, or paid bloggers to declare them AWESOME!!!

Yes, nothing says dignified like paying people to show-up at your funeral and pretend they knew you when.

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