Snowflake Sudoku now Honeycomb Sudoku. Free. Free. Free.

Same game, different name. Same honeycomb shape, only now I call these puzzles Honeycomb Sudoku Puzzles.

Here’s the cover for the new ebook, which is available in all popular ebook formats

I’ve published 36 Honeycomb Sudoku Puzzles that you can download for free from Smashwords here. Happy puzzling, Ted

Online puzzles now up and running

I’ve created a different web site/page for online puzzles. Every once and a while I’ll add online puzzles to my other site.

The first online puzzle is a hard word search puzzle, in the shape of a woman’s face. The solution words in the puzzle grid may be found in ANY direction.

Most of the online puzzles will have the option to print a puzzle or save the puzzle in PDF format.

To play this puzzle, click here. Happy puzzling.

German language word search free puzzle magazine now available.

I’ve uploaded a German language free puzzle magazine containing 18 word search puzzles; 6 easy, 6 medium level, and 6 hard puzzles, including solutions. To access this free puzzle magazine published under a Creative Commons copyright licence, click on the “Free puzzle magazines” hyperlink at the top right column, and use the Save button in your Adobe Acrobat Reader to save file to your computer so you can share it with your friends and print it out. Or to access my puzzle page just click HERE.

I’ll place future free puzzle magazines on the same page as the German word search, so check back now and then or subscribe to my blog and keep updated. Happy puzzling, everyone. Ted.