Comments now working on

Here's looking at you, Babe.

If it’s not one thing it’s another, but the bugs have been worked out of the Comments portion of

On some pages the Comment section appeared but didn’t accept comments, and now the Comment section appears on all pages and visitors can once again leave a Comment.

Several visitors tried to leave Comments earlier and I’m sure were a tad frustrated with the Comments not functioning properly. New web sites always experience some issues during the first week of operation. Hopefully this will be the last gotcha.

Must have been a twisted stitch somewhere in all the knitted code. It’s working now. Sheesh.





“Knitting is great again” hat on sheep

Knitting is great again at

Knitting is great again at

My friend’s updated knitting help site is rolling along fine. Open for two days now and only a few minor problems to correct.

Starting to get some knitting forum members. Maybe one of them will win the $25.00 gift certificate for Knit Picks in September.


New Knitting Help site

Sheep at

After six years as it is now with lots more knitting help, knitting patterns, knitting instructions, a knitting forum, lots of knitting videos, a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate for your knitting supplies or yarn, and lots more.

Thanks to the million plus visitors to the old site every year Vickie had to move the site to larger premises, and figured she might just as well add a bunch more neat stuff for knitters.

Take a moment and drop by My Simple Knitting at

Browse through my new knitting shop, or join my new Knitting Community and post some pictures of your knitting, ask a question or answer a question, look at my videos or maybe add your own video to the knitting video collection. There’s lots to do, so stop by for a visit.

Happy knitting everyone.

sheep at

A new old knitting help site

Sheep at

A friend of mine has been running a knitting site with tons of knitting instructions and lots of knitting videos since 2011 and needed to expand the site to meet the needs of the million-plus visitors now coming to her site.

For the past several months she and I have been making changes and additions to her knitting site, including a new name; We expect it to be finished soon and open to the general public, perhaps in the next week or so.

We have moved her site to her own server, no more shared hosting, increased her offerings to visitors, all the while retaining the fun of knitting and friendliness which so many visitors liked about her site.

Besides the vast amount of knitting instructions and knitting videos she has on her new site there is now an included knitting forum and other handy things for knitters.

In celebration of her six years successfully running her knitting site and to add a little more fun to her new web site, she is offering a playful knitting-related contest in which all her knitting community members can partake in and perhaps win the monthly prize.

Her new site,, is expected to be open in the next week or two. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that nothing unexpected pops up to delay the opening.

Retirees Knit Sweaters For Chilly Chickens In Milton

If you think the weather has been cold lately, just think about how the chickens feel. Lucky for Massachusetts estate’s poultry, a group of knitters in Milton are doing just that.

The unusual project began after members of a knitting club at Fuller Village, a retirement home in Milton, Massachusetts, heard about the hardships that some chickens suffer this time of year.

Certain breeds shed their feathers and grow new plumage in the winter months. Others imported from tropical climates just aren’t suited for the wintry conditions.

Organizer Nancy Kearns said the project benefits birds kept on a neighboring estate known as the Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust.

“I don’t think in my wildest dreams I ever thought anybody made sweaters for chickens,” said Barbara Widmayer, 76, who started knitting when she was 15 years old.

Among the sweaters Widmayer crafted by hand was one for Prince Peep, a rooster native to Malaysia.

“There’s so much going on these days that’s kind of contentious in the world,” she said. “It was actually very calming to me to work on this.”

Another knitter, 76-year-old Libby Kaplan, said the experience has helped her to overcome her fear of birds.

“One person I heard say there were more important things to do in this world. ‘Make things for people that need it.’ I think animals need to be warm, too, and I’m so glad we did it,” Kaplan said.

The chickens seem to like their sweaters: Estate spokeswoman Erica Max says egg production has jumped noticeably since the birds began wearing them.

Man who loves to knit – video

A friend of mine, Vickie, posted a video of a man who loves knitting and I thought I’d share it with you.

Vickie has hosted a knitting site for beginning knitters many years now and recently started a knitting forum. Here are the link to her Simple Knitting web site, and if you have a question about knitting or would like to meet other knitters here is the link to her Knitters Digest forum. Free registration for her forum.


New forum for knitters


A friend of mine has started a new forum for knitters, experienced or beginning knitters.

Her name is Vickie and she has been operating her own knitting web site called Simple Knitting for over five years now. Her Simple Knitting web site is mainly for beginning knitters, although experienced knitters also have enjoyed her articles.

Vickie decided to create a forum so beginning knitters and knitters with experience can connect and share their love of knitting. Her forum is called Knitters Digest.

Her Knitters Digest forum is in beta testing at the moment, and is open for membership while testing. Below are links to her Knitters Digest forum and her Simple Knitting web site. Please drop by and help build the forum membership. It’s free to join.

Link to Vickie’s Knitters Digest forum: Knitters Digest.

Link to Vickie’s Simple Knitting web site: Simple Knitting.