Reading & viewing ebooks, and other FAQ’s

What the heck is an ebook? An ebook is an electronic version of a book; a printed book in digital form or a book originating in digital form.

1) Can I print out your ebooks? Yes. My ebooks contain no restrictions against printing. PDF versions of my ebooks are best for printing, especially my puzzle books and my color picture ebooks for children which also have large black and white pictures at the end of each ebook and are designed for coloring.

2) Do I need one of those iPads or Kindle or similar device to read an ebook? Yes, and No. Some authors may only publish their work for downloading by Kindle owners or iPad owners. Some authors, such as myself, publish our works in various formats for reading on different electronic devices like iPads or smartphones, on your desktop or laptop. I’ve written a list of free ebook readers for desktop or laptops which you may find helpful.

3) Can I print out any ebook? No. It depends upon the device you are using to read the ebook, and also upon any digital rights against printing an ebook may contain. Some authors or book retailers may not allow you to print your ebook. Some authors or book retailers may implement a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) preventing you from copying or printing.

All my ebooks are DRM free, and the PDF versions are excellent for printing and easy to do so.

4) Is a PDF file an ebook? Yes, and most popular ebook devices will open PDF files for reading. Here is a link to the various types of ebook formats.

5) Can I read a free sample of an ebook? Yes. Most ebook retailers and authors, such as myself, allow readers a free sample of an ebook.

6) Where can I read a free sample or purchase one of your ebooks? Visit your favorite online bookstore or from Smashwords or from my web site. To purchase my ebooks for Kindle devices visit Amazon. NOTE: Smashwords has all my ebooks in mobi format, but due to issues with Amazon in the past I have chosen to list only a few of my works with them.

1 thought on “Reading & viewing ebooks, and other FAQ’s

  1. NOTE: This comment also posted on the Smashwords Forum. Please answer there. Any comments here will be removed. Post on the Smashwords Forum here.


    PLEASE help with epub validation error or point to where I can get help? New ebook sci fi author, here, trying to get my ebook accepted onto Smashwords. Passed autovetter perfectly, then received these 6 epubcheck errors and don’t understand.

    I am unemployed, can’t pay anyone to do this. Not a programmer at all, but smart and did my own formatting and passed autovetter, so not horrible at this.

    Just don’t know three things:
    1) how do I locate a line number and position in the epub doc version?

    2) what do these errors mean (I only have 2 types of errors, but the second one occurs in five places, all around the same section of my doc of the lines numbers cluster means proximity). They’re both “attribute” errors, the last five are in the same position, just different lines, the first is almost in the same position, different line.

    1) attribute “type” not allowed here; expected attribute “class”, “dir”, “id”, “lang”, “style”, “title” or “xml:lang”
    line 2891, position 31
    2) attribute “start” not allowed here; expected attribute “class”, “dir”, “id”, “lang”, “style”, “title” or “xml:lang”
    lines 2462, 2471, 2480, 2491, 2498, position 32


    Take care.

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